Our Work

Our Work

Here you can check out our extensive portfolio and some case studies that show how we have helped those clients achieve their business goals.


This is our portfolio of beautiful and responsive example website designs we can build for you.

This is usually a great starting point for customers who aren't entirely sure what look they want. Each one will be tailored exactly to your needs. Or, if there's nothing here that floats your boat, we'll gladly build what you want from scratch.



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Here you can see a couple of case studies that illustrate what we did and how this helped those businesses achieve their goals.

Event 2 Event

The Challenge

Event 2 Event are a company that put on various themed social events, particularly around the singles scene.

The challenge for them was to have a website that showcased their events and their brand, as well as being able to easily create and market events that would be relevant to their customers.

Event2Event Responsive layout

The Solution

The solution was understanding how the various themes and age groups came into play. Once that was clear it was a fairly straightforward process to create appropriate taxonomies allowing the events to be categorised in multiple ways.

This meant that the appeal of an event was not limited to one category of customer. Coupled with targeted marketing made for a strong, focused presence in that market they were aiming at.

The Result

Event 2 Event saw an almost immediate improvement in their ticket sales of around 12% in the first three months. Just by having their products marketed in multiple ways that they were unaware of, increased their online presence to a wider audience.

"Our experience with YourScope has been fantastic. Unlike other web designers we've worked with they have a robust process that immediately gave us confidence that they knew what they were doing. Added to that they were very intuitive, asking all the right questions about our business (and lots of them!), whilst keeping the jargon to a minimum. A refreshing change. We look forward to future opportunities to partner with them so we can continue to provide our clients with the best."

Samantha M.

Event 2 Event, Elstree


The Challenge

IDS are a Facilities Management company. They offer a huge amount of services in that sector. However, they needed a new website that showcased their services and brand, as well as offering bespoke business stationery for selected clients.

The challenge for them was that the website needed to allow the stationery products to be added to their "shop", but that selected clients could choose only their own specific pre-printed stationery products - as well as be unaware of who the other clients are on the system (nor see those other clients' products either). In other words, they needed a "closed" shop that was only open to selected clients, and for those clients to only have access to choose from only their bespoke products.

IDS Case Study Responsive Layout

The Solution

We were able to provide an e-commerce solution (using Woocommerce) that did just that. The products for all clients are entered into the overall "shop", but we were able to organise it so all products are "tagged" for only specific clients.

All we then needed to configure displaying only those products that matched the attributes of the client logged in.

The Result

Prior to this IDS was forced to work entirely with each clients' own stationery printer at a reduced profit.

With this solution in place, IDS now works with a single printer (of their own choosing) using the one back-end system. This made the whole process much more efficient and cost-effective, whilst adding a more solid revenue stream.

"We are extremely pleased with how YourScope helped us (and continue to help us). They listened and understood what we needed from a business perspective and then implemented it, keeping us informed throughout. They clearly know their stuff and we can't recommend them enough."

Warren L.

IDS, London Colney

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